Fair trade with the use of the best materials with all the necessary certificates is added value of our products which are entitled as “Products of Slovenian craft".


Pika is a family company with almost 30 years of tradition in the manufacture and sale of leather and imitation leather products. Danica and Tomaž decided for an independent business route, based on their rich experience in the design and manufacture of leather goods, and in June 1990 they established their own company based in Domžale. In business, we want to combine the aesthetics of design, creativity, original and interesting ideas and quality production, resulting in elegant, recognizable products that are synonymous with quality. Pika’s business strategy is based on high-quality, precise handmade products, reflected in attractive products, harmonized with fashion guidelines, and at the same time we want to offer our customers and business partners a quality that is consistent with a reasonable, affordable price. The confirmation that our operation follows these guidelines is to obtain a master certificate in the OZS and pass the exam for a court expert and apparel apparel apparel expert.

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  • (01) 722 66 90
  • 040 345 427
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  • Pot za Bistrico 71, 1230 Domžale


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